Sarah Mottaghinejad at Editions in Georgetown, Seattle

Sarah Mottaghinejad

Book Artist



Sarah Mottaghinejad fell in love with book arts when she lived in New York City and discovered The Center for Book Arts. Her favorite teachers and influencers are Sarah Nicholls, Julie Chen,  Ana Cordeiro, and Biruta Auna

In her words, “I am 32 years old and a single mother of three tremendous children, ages 5, 7, & 12. I often have intense feelings that are hard to contain, so I make art with them as a way to expand the vessel I carry them with and relieve the pressure inside me. Words are often involved. I love color, but my work usually ends up being black and white. Maybe I’ll figure out why someday.”

Sarah lives in Seattle and works from Editions, the coworking space and gallery for book artists, printmakers, and writers that she founded in Georgetown in 2017.